Bismarck: 24 Hours to Doom

Bismarck battle

Bismarck: 24 Hours to Doom

The Final Act in the Mission to Sink Bismarck

26 May 1941

After a bloody chase across more than 1,700 miles, Britain’s Home Fleet is finally closing in on the world’s most powerful battleship. There will be a fight to the finish between more than 5,000 men of the Royal Navy and 2,600 servicemen of Hitler’s Kriegsmarine. Thousands will die…

‘BISMARCK: 24 Hours to Doom’ expands our understanding of a pivotal episode in the war at sea during WW2, by narrowing down the focus to a select band of brothers who took part. It is the perfect follow-on to the earlier ‘Killing the Bismarck’, also by Iain Ballantyne, and takes the reader into heart of this legendary episode.

Published here for the first time, alongside a compelling narrative of the final 24 hours of the mission to sink the Nazi ship, are eyewitness accounts of Royal Navy sailors who saw the combat up close.

Seventy-five years on from the epic mission to destroy the flagship of Hitler’s navy, these testimonies are the product of a unique project by Iain Ballantyne.

Over a period of several years he interviewed surviving veterans in the UK and one in Canada. Transcripts of those remarkable on-camera interviews forming the basis of the exciting first-person stories that unfold here.

The final testimonies in ‘BISMARCK: 24 Hours to Doom’ provide fresh insight into one of WW2’s most dramatic events.



Bismarck 24 hour to doom

Published by Ipso Books and available to buy here

Published: 23rd May 2016