More Media coverage of Hunter Killers

Media Coverage of ‘Hunter Killers’

Iain Ballantyne talks to BBC Radio Solent breakfast show presenter Julian Clegg about aspects of ‘Hunter Killers’ (originally broadcast live 9.10.2013). Preceded by a fascinating piece from Commander Jeff Tall, the former boss of the Royal Navy Submarine Museum, who commanded both hunter-killer submarines and ‘Bombers’ during the Cold War. Clip used courtesy of BBC Radio Solent.

Hunter Killers Sun on Sunday Article

‘Hunter Killers’ featured in the Sun on Sunday, 18th August 2013
Sunday Express coverage of Hunter Killers
‘Hunter Killers’ featured in Sunday Express, 15th September 2013.
Online version here
Hunter Killers in Plymouth Evening Herald
‘Hunter Killers’ in Plymouth Herald, 5th November 2013.
Online version here

Lead story on BBC Spotlight,
25th September 2013


Iain Ballantyne on BBC



A story that needs telling – Royal Navy Submarines in the Cold War –
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