Hunter Killers


Hunter Killers

(Now in paperback)

‘Hunter Killers’ tells the incredible, true inside story of the Cold War beneath the waves.

Venturing under the ice, penetrating sun-drenched anchorages with only a few feet to spare and standing watch over enough explosive power to destroy Mankind, the men in this story have kept their silence.

Now it can be told. British submarine captains who lived their lives in the shadows speak out for the first time, along with some of those who served with them.

‘Hunter Killers’ presents a gripping series of adventures, in which vivid personalities deal with life-or-death situations.

An epic story, it encompasses the span of the Cold War’s maritime face-off between the Soviet Union and NATO. It plunges us into scrapes and tangles from the English Channel to the Arctic where a determined foe did not hesitate to unleash depth charges and try to ram British submarines.

There are roller-coaster rides in the dark and dangerous ocean, aboard some of the most powerful fighting machines ever invented. We discover the forgotten role Royal Navy submarines played in the Cuban Missile Crisis while also learning the truth behind collisions with ‘icebergs’ – in reality crashes involving British and Soviet vessels.

From so-called pirates to warrior scientists, the cast of this remarkable drama endures hardship, stares death in the face and weathers a cruel sea. Britain’s submariners finally crack the Kremlin’s seemingly impenetrable façade through refusing to yield in the hidden, secret battle that is finally unveiled in this book.

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Out now in paperback edition
482 pages

ISBN: 1409139018
ISBN-13: 978-1409139010

Published: 21 Aug 2014

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Polish Edition (‘Underwater Hunters’)

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